Broad portfolio, reliable solutions

Whether you are looking for a straight, single position header or a right angle header with multiple rows and positions, TE offers the solutions you need for PC board connections. Keying options, locking features, color coding, various materials, and more are available. Choose just the features you need for your application. Economy power (EP) connectors, GRACE INERTIA connectors, connectors meeting RAST standards, signal double lock (SDL) connectors, and MTA connectors are just some of the many options TE has available.

Product Features

  • Polarized housing to help prevent incorrect mating
  • Protective housings for safety and contact protection
  • Contact insulation for applications with long life cycles
  • Designed for board space saving
  • Rugged, large scale systems for select AMPMODU headers


Pitch for compact EP designs


Pitch for new PowerTriple Lock headers

Additional Applications

  • Garage door openers
  • Fitness equipment: treadmills and elipticals
  • Vending machines and coin changers
  • Gaming systems