Foil terminals for reliable connections and efficient heat dissipation

We manufacture foil terminals under our TERMI-FOIL terminals family. Our foil terminals are recognized for their reliability, light weight, economical price, heat dissipation efficiency, product strength, and quick application. Our portfolio of TERMI-FOIL terminals is available in a broad range of wire-to-foil sizes and in larger tap types. Our foil terminals are designed for wire sizes 22 AWG to 8 AWG [0.3 to 8 mm2]. The larger types are available in lengths up to 15 inches [381 mm].

  1. How to aid the proper setup of Terminal Applicator Crimping (English)

Demonstration of proper terminal alignment achieved with TE’s EYE Check Camera. The EYE Check Camera aids in applicator feed setup and terminal alignment and can increase machine up-time by eliminating unnecessary adjustments during production.