Products powered by innovation

You can count on our electrical cable accessories to last for decades and to increase the reliability and efficiency of your grid. They are suitable for low, medium and high voltages applications and can operate under severe environments. They feature our different sealing and insulating technologies including heat shrink, cold shrink, gel, resin and casting material.


Our broad portfolio of electrical connectors fits application from overhead and underground networks to substations. When combined with our close engineering support, training and local language services, TE is uniquely qualified to provide customers with highly specialized products, customized solutions and advantage in total cost of ownership. That’s why the most innovative utilities and industries around the world, including underground, substations, offshore and nuclear, renewable have relied on TE and TE's Raychem power cable accessories for more than 60 years. Our history of innovation, legacy of reliable products and decades of experience enable powerful connections for electrical networks and the people who make them.