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Keep these 7 factors in mind while selecting interconnects for space applications, and how TE's solutions comply.

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When the Mission Is Critical, So Are the Parts

Space is unforgiving. And those who dare to explore this frontier can’t compromise on any detail. That’s why TE Connectivity’s (TE) components are exactingly engineered, rigorously tested, and certified by major space agencies to reliably meet novel bus and payload needs in space. 


TE Connectivity traces its legacy of mission-critical components as far back as Explorer 1. That innovation continues today with the development of SpaceVPX, European Space Components Coordination (ESCC), NASA specifications and standards, as well as MIL-SPEC compliant products that enable the latest space missions. From satellites and launchers to lunar landers and rovers to space stations and defense applications, TE experts enable designs that reliably stand up to the toughest deadlines, challenges, and environments imaginable.

TE’s products are designed to meet the extreme space design challenges across all applications

From the earliest satellite missions to the mission of connecting the world, witness how TE innovations make it possible.

From the earliest satellite missions to the mission of connecting the world, witness how TE innovations make it possible.

End-to-End Space Solutions with Full Support

It takes the right team to get to space. From concept to orbit, TE’s expansive product portfolio and dedicated team of engineers, designers, and researchers are ready for your next mission.


By leveraging the breadth of our products, we help designers strike the optimum balance of performance, cost, and time to market. Our pursuit of engineering excellence ensures our space-qualified components and solutions comply with demanding vibration, off-gassing, electrostatic-discharge, tin-whisker-mitigation, extreme temperature, radiation, and size-weight-and-power (SWaP) requirements.

Explore our portfolio of mission-critical components, including interconnects and fiber optics, wire and cable, harnessing materials and devices, high performance relays and contactors. All are tailored for your next space application.
The space industry, along with your unique space project, is constantly expanding and evolving. Make sure you stay up to date on the latest technology, trends, and breakthroughs. TE engineers and industry thought leaders bring expert insights to you through podcasts, webinars, white papers, and more.
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Find the right connectivity solutions to launch your next space project.