Design Flexibility for System Architecture

As PCBs become cost-prohibitive at higher data rates, cable STRADA Whisper connectors provide a flexible solution with their ability to run longer channels. By not being tied to a PCB, connection options are expanded. We offer three main cabled solutions: point-to-point cable, value-add assemblies and a full backplane/midplane solution.

Cabled STRADA Whisper also reduces insertion loss for improved channel margin and allows for more creative system architecture design possibilities.  These products can support 112 Gbps PAM-4, with future expansion to 56 Gbps NRZ and 112 Gbps PAM-4. Our manufacturing process includes extensive electrical and visual checks at every step to bring you the best quality product possible.

STRADA Whisper Cable Receptacle

Design for Next-Gen Data Rates

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STRADA Whisper cable receptacles can allow you to start designing for up to 112G PAM-4 speeds in your servers, switches and routers. These cable receptacles incorporate STRADA Whisper connectors on one end and a variety of mid-board or to I/O products on the other end, bypassing the PCB and minimizing insertion loss and cross talk. Compatible with existing TE backplane, mid-board and I/O products including QSFP, Sliver and more – allowing you to easily design your next generation system architecture.

New STRADA Whisper Cable Receptacle

Featured Applications

  • High performance computing (HPC)
  • Artificial Intelligence (GPU to GPU)
  • Core routing
  • Switching


Features and Benefits

  • Run long channels with a cabled solution can provide greater flexibility for system architecture
  • Expand connection options by not being tied to a PCB
  • Three main solution options: point-to-point cable, value-add assemblies and full backplane/midplane design
  • Extremely low cable insertion loss of 0.11 dB/in (versus PCB loss 0.75 dB/in) allows signal integrity to be maintained at distances 2x to 4x greater than a conventional PCB backplane design
  • Reduced insertion loss achieved by the high-speed cable improves the channel margin and allows for more creative system architecture design possibilities
STRADA Whisper Cable Receptacle Configurations - Point to Point Cable Assemblies, Y Cable Assemblies and Panel Mount Hardware

Full Integrated Solution

TE offers full backplane or midplane integrated solutions utilizing cabled STRADA Whisper connectors. Take advantage of our design support for designing your backplane or midplane solution. Mechanical and electrical integrity maintained and controlled during the production process.

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