Optical Sensors

Our portfolio of optical sensors are suitable for use in harsh environments, and in applications such as distance measurement, light detection and ranging (LiDAR), 3D mapping, and laser scanners.

Modern technology virtually cannot be imagined with optical detectors. In distance measurement, for instance, this works using travel time measurement: The light source sends a short impulse. Afterward, the time it takes the light beam to travel from the light source to the receiver and back via reflection is measured. Measurements using phasing and triangulation with lasers or LEDs are possible alternative types of measurement. Other systems such as capacitive sensor systems (response to the vibration frequency) or inductive sensor systems (response to metallic items) have an important technical limitation: They only respond to objects made of specific types of material.

Product Features

  • Low dark current
  • Different SMD or THD packaging options
  • Specific packages for harsh environments
  • Customized solutions