All-encompassing Solution for Next Generation Operations

TE’s AdrenaLINE 224G connector portfolio is a next generation solution meticulously engineered for GPU module integration and optimized for higher data rates driving cabled system architectures. It addresses the dynamic landscape by presenting a robust end-to-end solution for a clear transition to 224G data center operations. The AdrenaLINE 224G connector portfolio includes near-chip connectors, cabled backplane, cabled I/O connectors, and in-house produced 224G cable—a comprehensive solution for next-gen operations, delivering crucial connectivity from beginning to end. The AdrenaLINE connectors can seamlessly combine cutting-edge technology with top-tier performance, enabling the evolution of AI and ML systems. Embrace the future confidently with TE’s AdrenaLINE connectors, where innovation converges with reliability.

 As a trusted go-to partner in 224G technology, TE provides comprehensive engineering support and tailored solutions. Our commitment to our customers ensures that we provide connectivity products that adhere to standard form factors and to specific customer performance requirements and are designed for seamless interconnectivity and compatibility. TE's connector products can minimize architecture uncertainties, accelerating your time-to-market with offerings that meet or surpass industry standards.

Portfolio Assets

  • AdrenaLINE Slingshot 224G Near Chip Socket and Mating Connector
  • AdrenaLINE Catapult 224G Cabled Backplane Connectors and R/A PCB Mate
  • AdrenaLINE Fastlane 224G Cabled I/O Connectors
Adreline Infographic

AdrenaLINE Fastlane Features

  • Cabled IO connectors with Twinax copper cables connecting to Near-Chip connectors.
  • Industry standard form factors like OSFP & QSFP-DD.
  • Integrated connector and cage press onto the host board.
  • Auxiliary pins (power and low-speed lines) press onto board like a traditional receptacle.
adrenaline fastlane

AdrenaLINE Slingshot Features

  • Hermaphroditic mating interface for 224G signal integrity (SI) performance.
  • Operates at 224G PAM-4 data rates with 92 Ohm impedance.
  • Mating force required consisting of 1.0 N/DP with a durability of 200 cycles.
  • Design optimized for 26 to 32 AWG cabled backplane architectures.
adrenaline slingshot

AdrenaLINE Catapult Features

  • Near Chip connector utilizing uLGA socket technology.
  • Socketed technology enables excellent signal-integrity at 224G data rates.
  • Available in varied configurations of differential pairs 16DP, 32DP, 36DP, 40DP, 64DP.
  • Customization available for other configurations & latching/compression mechanisms.
adrenaline catapult