A connector is a coupling device that joins electrical terminations to create an electrical circuit. We design and manufacture an expansive portfolio of electrical connector types that are engineered to reliably transmit data, power, and signal in the harshest environments, under the most extreme use.


What are connectors?

Connectors enable contact between wires, cables, printed circuit boards, and electronic components. Our different types of connectors including PCB connectors and wire connectors are manufactured to reduce application size and power usage while enabling increased performance.


Our portfolio includes connectors available in a wide range of positions from 0 to 4,189. Our audio and visual connectors offer enhanced board retention and EMI shielding. Our automotive connectors are built to withstand harsh conditions of highway and off-road transportation. Our computer connectors include our card edge connectors and sockets which support the current SDRAM and DDR memory generations and the new DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 as well as FBDIMM generations. Our LUMAWISE LED holders offer a snap-in LED retention feature, which eliminates the need for soldering; it uses poke-in wire connections to provide the tool-less termination of solid, fused, and stranded wire.


Across our portfolio, you can find different types of electrical connectors including electrical wiring connector types and cable connector types. Our connectors are engineered to optimize connectivity in critical technology systems. Our engineers are widely experienced in partnering with customers to address a variety of connectivity requirements. Our connectors portfolio includes AMP connectors and DEUTSCH connectors.

AMPMODU Interconnects: Solutions for Integrated Circuits

Interconnect systems are used widely across nearly all industrial applications that require printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our portfolio of AMPMODU interconnects provides a comprehensive family of modular signal interconnects for board-to-board, wire-to-board, and wire-to-wire applications, offering centerlines from 1.00 mm (0.039”) to 3.96 mm (0.156”). Our interconnects are designed reliably and economically address a variety of packaging and interconnection requirements. Our broad range of components are engineered for a variety of high-performance applications. Our design features a small, compact footprint, which helps you save space without compromising performance quality. Our AMPMODU interconnect products are suitable for technologies and systems used in many industries.

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