Dome Switches designed for tactile feedback

Tactile switches provide tactile feedback to the user when the switch or button makes a contact with the control panel underneath, which is usually a printed circuit board. TE offers a large selection of tactile switches, ranging from miniature surface mount switches to IP rated. Our tactile switches come with dome switches and have different actuator lengths that add a custom feature to fit in every design application.

Tactile switches include dome switches that are located under a rubber bubble or dome. When the dome switch is pressed, the dome collapses and makes the switch contact. Tactile switches come in a range of sizes and actuator styles and are LED capable. Tactile switches are designed for use in keyboards, keypads, instruments, and interface control-panel applications. These are heavily used in aerospace and aviation, communication, defense, and all electronic instrumentation applications. Dome switches are used in keyboards and membrane keypads and are relatively quiet when operated.