High performance braided cables

Raybraid and INSTALITE Lightweight Braid are high performance metallic oversleeves help provide excellent EMI shielding and lightning protection for wires and cable harness systems. The new INSTALITE Lightweight braid (LWB) offers a low cost way to save up to 50% weight over traditional braids.


LWB up to 50% weight savings compared to existing Raybraid oversleeves


Light Weight Braid

RayBraid, Ray-90 or Ray-10X, represent different styles depending on optical coverage and plating options. Ray-90 and 101 offer tin plated copper strands whereas Ray-103 offers nickel plated copper strands for improved storage life and temperature rating up to 200°C. All RayBraid oversleeves is compatible with TE’s CRES-Lock band strap and Tinel Lock backshell termination systems.  Light Weight Braid (LWB-10X) is also offered with two plating options, tin and nickel with a significant weight saving of up to 50%, compared to RayBraid oversleeves. When weight is a critical factor, LWB-10X products can help provide a great advantage without loss of performance. All LWB-10X series shields are also compatible with TE’s CRES-Lock band strap and Tinel-Lock backshell termination systems.  Both products include the traditional RayBraid tubular former core to aid easy installation onto wire bundles.

RayBraid Oversleeve

Part Details

  Coverage Sizes
Ray-90 (Tinned Copper Braid) Min 90% optical coverage 10 different sizes from 3.0 to 30.0 mm supplied diameter
Ray-101 (Tinned Copper Braid) Min 93% maximum 100% optical coverage  To cover 2.5 to 38.0 mm diameters 
Ray-103 (Nickel Copper Braid) Min 93% maximum 100% optical coverage  To cover 2.5 to 38.0 mm diameters

Operating Temperatures

  Operating Temperature Range
LWB-101-xx (Tin plated) -65oC to 150oC
LWB-103-xx (Nickel plated) -65oC to 200oC
Ray-90 up to 150oC
Ray-101 up to 150oC
Ray-103 above 150oC

INSTALITE Braid Oversleeve

Part Numbers

Diameter, mm (Inch) Tin Plated Nickel Plated
3 (0.12) LWB-101-3.0 LWB-103-3.0
6 (0.24) LWB-101-6.0 LWB-103-6.0
10 (0.40) LWB-101-10.0 LWB-103-10.0
20 (0.79) LWB-101-20.0 LWB-103-20.0

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