KISSLING Relays and Switches

For over 70 years, design engineers, fleet operators, original equipment manufacturers and technicians worldwide have trusted KISSLING relays and switches for their robustness and reliability in demanding environments. From battery disconnect and emergency stop switches in trucks and buses, to power relays in agricultural and construction equipment, we offer a wide range of high performance KISSLING switching solutions for the safe maintenance and operation of vehicles and equipment.


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Why Choose KISSLING Products?

  • Long-Term Reliability – Our products are built to last, reducing the need for part replacement over time.
  • Built for the Extreme – Our relays and switches meet rigorous temperature, vibration, and shock requirements and provide reliable protection against water and dust.
  • Wide Variety – We offer a wide range of standardized products so you can choose what’s best for your specific application and design requirements.
  • Global Availability & Support – Our extensive distribution network helps ensure you can get product when and where needed.

Our Featured Relays & Switches

Proven to seamlessly control power to vehicles and equipment that operate in construction, agriculture, and commercial transportation – plus defense, aviation, rail and more.
  • Power Relays – Control high power circuits through low power signals in main power control, system-level/accessory power control, and power distribution applications. Our power relays are non-gas filled to avoid potential degraded performance over time.
    Battery Disconnect Switches – Seamlessly switch the power for safe vehicle maintenance, transport, storage, or to prevent theft. We offer battery disconnect switches to support up to 1000 VDC operating voltage to ensure complete integration with high voltage wiring systems.
    Emergency Stop Switches – Instantly disconnect the circuit to reduce risk to machinery and operator or protect the charging process for battery electric vehicles (BEV). KISSLING e-stops feature a compact design that is fully sealed from all sides, without the need for an additional enclosure.

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