Advanced hook up wires for aerospace

TE hook up wires are lightweight, reliable, and abrasion-resistant. TE’s Raychem materials science and irradiation crosslinking technology is the foundation that supports a range of wire and cable products with the right balance of properties to meet help the challenges of the harshest environments. Our SPEC 44 (AS81044) and SPEC 55 (AS22759) hook up wires are established and used extensively across harsh environment applications.

Product Features

Hook Up Wire

Trusted Solutions

  • Extremely low risk choice for aircraft manufacturers for over 50 years
  • Tough and reliable crosslink extruded material
  • Abrasion resistant and withstands mechanical damage


Performance and Reliability

  • Small size, lightweight, and resistant to most chemicals and fluids
  • Easy to cut, strip and mark
  • Suitable for high temperature and harsh environment applications
SPEC 44 Wire
SPEC 44 wire
SPEC 55 Wire
SPEC 55 wire
Space Satelite
Space satelite
Commercial Aircraft
Commercial aircraft
Military Aircraft (Helicopter)
Military aircraft (helicopter)
Military Aircraft (fixed wing)
Military aircraft (fixed wing)