High Quality Wire Processing Tools

Our insertion tools and extraction tools are designed to respectively insert and extract a terminal from the connector housing without damaging the terminal or housing—a key criteria in quality wire processing that is especially important for rework and repair at the OEM and in the after-market. Available standard or customized, our insertion and extraction tool kits are equipped to carry out precision tasks to the highest professional standards, yielding a quality end product and greater operational efficiency for your business.


Extraction tools are compatible with the vast majority of connectors used in wiring harnesses. Our tools are used not only for TE Connectivity products, but also those from other connector manufacturers. Tool kits also can be customized to meet your exact requirements. 

Smart Design

Ergonomically-designed tools offer a comfortable plastic handle and retractable protective cover that protects both the tool and the operator from inadvertent damage. Tools are individually labeled on the handles for quick identification and tool kits come in sturdy plastic boxes with foam packing to prevent damage. The casing can also be modified to promote your brand.


An illustrated booklet is included with information on general contact extraction techniques and photos of all connectors compatible with the kit. Additionally, your local TE Connectivity Field Service organization offers various advanced operator training courses on crimp technology, covering the use and availability of extraction tools. TE Connectivity provides a complete turn key solution for electrical connection requirements---not only the connector products themselves---but all the tooling and equipment necessary to apply and process those products. 

  1. Insertion & Extraction Tooling How-To Video (English)

Insertion & Extraction Tooling How To Video

  • Common TE Extraction Tools for Nano MQS Connectors (English)

  • Insertion Tool For Sealed Terminals (English)

  • MCON 1.2 CB Extraction Tool - PN 2844610-1 (English)

insertion and extraction tool infographic
  1. 305183 Extraction Tool (English)

305183 Extraction Tool for Type II, III, III+, VI, X and Subminiature Coaxial Terminals & MATE-N-LOK, Multimate, CPC, CMC, G-series, M-series, Metrimate, Econoseal and LGH housings.