Economical Solutions for Every Scale of Production

TE Connectivity (TE) offers a complete range of insulation displacement contact (IDC) machines designed to process RAST 2.5 and RAST 5 IDC connectors, as well as other IDC connector offerings from TE. For small and medium production volumes, we offer a variety of semi-automatic machines, including the EL-SIM25 and HP-SIM25C machines for single-wire RAST termination and the MTA Termination Machine for assembly of complex wire harness layouts using MTA-100 and MTA-156 connectors. For larger production volumes, we offer the fully automated MHM and IHM Mark III mass termination machines, which can process RAST 2.5 and RAST 5 connectors to terminate several wires in parallel. Our IDC machines are configurable to support a variety of connectors and customer-specific design requirements.

Applicable Connectors

  • AMP MONOPLUG 2.5 connectors
  • AMP DUOPLUG 2.5 Mark II connectors
  • AMP DUOPLUG Power connectors
  • AMP MONO-SHAPE connectors
  • AMP Multifitting Mark II connectors