Heritage of high-voltage performance

Since 1964, our KILOVAC relays and contactors have safely and reliably helped manage a variety of high voltage applications. These small, lightweight relays and contactors are used extensively in aerospace, space, subsea and military applications as well as a variety of ground-based applications.

 TE KILOVAC designs high voltage relays and DC contactors to deliver the switching performance in aerospace and defense applications. These lightweight KILOVAC products offer continuous current ratings up to 500 amps with overload rating up to 2000 amps in very compact packages.​

Product Features

KILOVAC High Voltage Relays and Contactors

• Hermetically Sealed for Harsh Environments
• Excellent Size to Power Ratio
• Ability to Interrupt DC Loads
• High Shock and Vibration Performance
• Wide Temperature Range
• Voltage ratings to 70 KVDC
• Current ratings to 1,000 Amps
• Low and Stable Contact Resistance Over Life