Terminals for reliable connections in cars, trucks, and other vehicles

Automotive connector terminals are designed to provide robust and efficient cable connections. These are engineered for high resistance to vibrations and thermal influences. Automotive connector terminals mostly consist of standardized terminals that provide a quick and qualitative connection point between one or more wires and headers or other wires. Our automotive terminals are manufactured in a variety of material finishes, including: tin (Sn), silver (Ag), gold (Au), and other special finishes.

Our automotive terminals are engineered to provide several ways for securing terminal connections. We offer solutions for quick latching connections that may require recurrent maintenance or terminals that are frequently connected and disconnected. 


To address different design requirements, we have options for modifying core and plating materials.We offer designs for both high-voltage and low-voltage modular applications.


Screw down terminals provide a longer term solution, with performance reliability and application flexibility. When selecting an automotive terminal, there are multiple factors to consider, including conductivity, reliability, packaging, and thermal and vibration stability. We design our solutions to address these concerns.


Our products are used for connecting fuses, battery terminals, and vehicle sensors. TE automotive terminals serve every OEM in the automotive market, as well as the aftermarket.


Miniaturized Connector System, PicoMQS, Awarded 2022 Product of the Year Winner in the Interconnects Category by the publication, Electronic Products.

To protect connections exposed to the elements, as well as those that must resist general wear and tear, TE designs our automotive connector terminals with secure locking systems built into the terminal or the socket. These not only help prevent disconnections caused by high levels of vehicle vibrations, but also facilitate the easy handling of harnesses during the car production. The TE automotive portfolio covers the complete range – from ultra-miniaturized products to large power terminals for usage in electric vehicles.