Speed, Reliability, and Low Per-line Cost

FASTON tabs and receptacles comprise a family of quick connect terminals that offer high processing rate, low applied cost, and consistent contact reliability. The family includes straight and flag quick disconnect receptacles, wire crimp tabs, printed circuit board (PCB) tabs, and board mount tabs. Terminals are available with numerous optional features, including insulated Ultra-Fast and Ultra-Pod FASTON terminals, low insertion force (LIF) Standard FASTON receptacles, compact mini FASTON terminals, and high temperature resistant nickel-plated steel terminals. FASTON products are grouped into series based on tab width, ranging from .110in for the smallest “110 series” to .312in for the largest “312 series”.

Faston Terminals

Product Features


Tab Width (in.) .110, .125, .187, .205, .250, .312
Straight, Left flag, Right flag, Piggyback
Tab Thickness (in.)
Crimp Types
F-crimp, Tab-lock, C-crimp, 2D crimp
Wire Size (AWG)
26-8 Materials / Plating
Base: Brass, Phos. Bronze, Steel
Plating: Tin, Pre-tin, Silver, Nickel
Max Continuous Current (A)
24 Pre-insulation Available
Max Operating Temperature (oC)
Standard: 110
High-temp: 250
Agency Approval(s)
Receptacle to Tab Mating Force (N)
15-80 Insulation Flammability Ratings
UL 94 V-0 & V-2

Featured Products

Standard FASTON Terminals

Advanced quick disconnect terminals featuring a robust low insertion force (LIF) design tested to withstand up to six mating cycles. Terminals are available in multiple crimping options, including the innovative 2D crimp that accepts a full range of wire sizes with a single terminal and applicator.


F-Spring Contact Terminals

Terminals with ergonomic features for safe and efficient assembly, including improved retention, insertion, and contact-stability benefits.


Ultra-Fast FASTON Receptacles and Tabs

Fully insulated FASTON receptacles and tabs provide a fully protected terminal and a closed barrel wire crimp. 


Ultra-Pod FASTON Pre-insulated Terminals

Fully insulated FASTON receptacles and tabs featuring an F-crimp terminal that is crimped and insulated with a single stroke of the press and applicator.


4.8 Series FASTON Receptacles for Multi Thickness Tabs

The 4.8 (187) series straight FASTON receptacle terminals are designed to mate with either a 0.5 mm (.020 in) or 0.8 mm (.031 in) thick quick disconnect tab.


250 Series Miniature FASTON Receptacle

Compact straight terminal for space constrained applications. The receptacle mates .250x.032in tabs and supports up to 7A of continuous current.

  1. Save Time and Tooling Costs with 2D Crimp

TE's 2D crimp uses one terminal and one applicator for wires ranging from 22-12AWG. Watch to learn more!