RF coaxial cable connectors transmit analog signals while minimizing RF (radio frequency) signal losses. These devices are designed to work at the multi-megahertz range of radio frequency. An RF connector is commonly used with a coaxial cable due to the shielding that the coaxial cable provides. A coaxial cable connector has an inner conductor that is enveloped by a concentric conducting sleeve, with the conductor and shield separated by an insulating material.

Our RF coaxial cable connectors are engineered and are available in small sizes, with tight tolerance electrical characteristics, and in materials that are rugged but not heavy and manufactured to withstand high use in harsh environments. These connectors are manufactured with crimp, solder, and clamp terminations to enable easy installation.


Our portfolio of RF coax connectors includes MIL-standard connectors qualified for M39012, M55339, M83517. These connectors are used in television receivers, communications, Wi-Fi devices, avionics, launch vehicles, radar arrays, satellite communications, and industrial or scientific measurement instruments that use RF.

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