Measure Torque with Rugged and Contactless Torque Meters and Sensors

TE Connectivity (TE) offers solutions for measuring reaction torque and rotating torque. Our torque meters, complete with integral mechanical stops, increase overload capacity and provide additional protection during mounting and operation. We offer a variety of small capacity sensors for dynamic and reaction torque measurements. Our combination sensors simultaneously measure reaction torques and forces with a single device; these sensors can also detect angle position and provide velocity measurement. We can customize a wide range of available models to meet your specific needs.

Product Features:

Capabilities for TE Torque Sensor Portfolio
  • Designed for various applications including non-rotating parts torque measurement, process control equipment, robotics and effectors, laboratory and research, and test and measurement
  • Rugged but small contactless torque sensors available as well as many mounting configurations to provide excellent measurements in both industrial and laboratory environments
  • Various rotary torque sensors with features such as stainless steel housings and mechanical stops for increased overload protection
  • Static torque sensors designed to measure reaction torque using bonded foil strain gages with excellent temperature stability and measurement ranges up to 8,000 lbf-ft.
  • High level outputs available

Safety Cobot Torque Sensor

The safety torque sensor from TE Connectivity provides functional safety in the next generation of human-robot collaboration with increased accuracy and speed. TE's ring-shaped safety torque sensors are designed to be integrated at each Cobot joint, meeting the new level of safety requirements up to ISO13849 Category 3 PL d.

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