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Powering Possibilities

TE’s expansive portfolio of high-voltage connectivity solutions for EVs opens a pathway to a greener, more sustainable future.

It’s an exciting time to be in the automotive industry! Electric vehicles have gone mainstream, offering faster acceleration, instant torque, and an improved driving experience. But the intricacies of electrification make product design inherently more complex. 


Don’t go it alone. TE Connectivity (TE) has been leading the electrification charge since the beginning. We work with virtually every automotive OEM and tier-one supplier around the world to build high-voltage connectivity solutions that are the electrical foundation for safe and reliable zero-emission cars. TE achieves this at scale by making the deep domain knowledge of our more than 2,000 automotive engineers available to you. Together, we can create a better future for generations to come. 


Our products cover the complete spectrum of EV energy transfer, providing safe, reliable, durable, and efficient electrical systems connectivity that meets the increased power ratings and higher thermal and vibration requirements that design engineers’ demand. Select one of the four application areas below to learn more:

Four major EV application areas

E-drive Systems

Our broad portfolio of high-voltage, high-current interconnection systems is specifically designed to move energy efficiently and reliably from the charging system to the battery, and from the battery to the electric motor.


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Auxiliary Systems

Our physically smaller auxiliary interconnection systems are designed for low-current applications, such as powering high-voltage passenger cabin heating and cooling systems, while reducing weight and bulk.

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Charging Path

As batteries get bigger and EVs travel farther, the need for fast high-powered charging increases. Our charging inlets transfer energy quickly, reliably, and safely from the grid to the car.

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Battery Systems

TE offers a full catalog of battery and fuel cell interconnection and protection solutions that increase safety, time to recharge, and driving range.


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