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TE engineers and product leaders collaborate with customers of all sizes to help them achieve a “first-time right” design optimized to keep costs down, accelerate time to market, and make their product competitive.


At TE, we work closely with innovation leaders and technology entrepreneurs to develop connectivity and sensor products. These collaborations enable innovation leaders and technology entrepreneurs to bring new ideas to market faster and solve very specific application requirements with groundbreaking solutions for building transformative technology, helping people experience healthier, more enjoyable lifestyles.

Transforming Logistics with IoT Thinking

For Hanhaa CEO Azhar Hussain, the goal was simple: Find a solution for easily tracking parcels anywhere in the world. For the shipping industry, this kind of solution is overdue. Each month, millions of dollars are lost because packages are lost or damaged during transit. After studying the causes closely, the London-based Hanhaa team partnered with Avnet and TE Connectivity to develop ParceLive, an IoT-enabled package-tracking device. As the team quickly learned, coming up with the right idea was only the beginning. Building it, testing it, and bringing it to market was altogether different, requiring the know-how of electronics engineers versed in solving for IoT connectivity. “TE helped us climb a wall before we even realized it was a wall,” says Azhar, adding “TE helped us refine the designs and tune the performance so that the tracker delivered the level of accuracy we needed.”



TE really helped us reduce weight, which reduced the cost and the size of the board in addition to improving performance.
Azhar Hussain, CEO, Hanhaa
  1. From Avnet: TE Partnership with IoT Innovator Hanhaa

Learn how custom-designed TE antennas for 5G connectivity enabled IoT-startup Hanhaa to build ParceLive, a reusable, smart system for real-time parcel tracking – from factory to frontdoor. By partnering with TE, and in collaboration with Avnet, Hanhaa went from brilliant idea to working prototype to industrialized product.

The result is a dynamic system that can monitor the location, condition, and security of parcels shipped worldwide.

Video courtesy of Avnet.

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Engineered for Easy Calibration and Accurate Monitoring

The founders of commonSENSE Monitoring Solutions saw that environmental monitoring systems for sensitive goods could be better, smarter and more user-friendly. They set out to develop a highly accurate monitoring system that could be used by anyone, even non-engineers, and adaptable to nearly any measurement need. To do this, they needed the right kind of sensor. They turned to TE. The result is a transformative solution for data communications. 



Because our transmitters will accept any sensor input, customers can come to us, tell us they have a problem to solve, and we know that with TE we can develop a sensor to overcome that problem.
Paul Humphries,
CEO, commonSENSE

Connectivity for Bringing the Farm to the Table

Berkeley-based startup Verdical gives food service providers the ability to efficiently and sustainably grow produce directly on-site. The result is hyperlocal access to a variety of fresh, quality greens and herbs. Behind Verdical’s green tech approach is a co-engineering partnership with TE. Together, this team is helping Verdical operate a space-efficient platform for growing food. Equipped with multiple sensors and horticultural LEDs, it makes on-site, year-round growing as easy as inserting seed pods and pushing a button. 



We would’ve probably spent twice as much on a less reliable solution if we weren’t working with TE.
Andrew Deitz, CEO, Verdical
TE Partnership with Verdical

Partnership Advantage:

Turn Big Ideas into Next-GenTech

You may know TE as a global industrial technology leader working with some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. But did you know we also partner with inventors and entrepreneurs – start-ups and small businesses with big ideas they’re ready to turn into reality?


Solutions for Making Laundry Day Fun and Easy

No one likes doing laundry, especially when you have to fight with your fraternity brothers over the washing machine. For college buddies Charlie Warden, Adam Miller, and Aaron Tate, they saw opportunity. Together, they co-founded Tersa Steam, a start-up that’s working to make clothing care efficient, sustainable, and easy. When Charlie (CEO), Adam (CMO), and Aaron (CPO) discovered TE, through the Arrow certification program, they quickly saw the value of working with a reputable and reliable engineering leader to solve their toughest design challenges.

The concern start-ups have with a big, global brand is getting lost. With TE, the communication is really strong – we’re able to call and ask questions. Plus, having a reliable source for parts that we know are going to work is extremely important.
Charlie Warden, CEO/Co-Founder, Tersa, Inc.
  1. Engineered to Get Tough Stains Out

Learn how TE products are helping start-up firm Tersa, Inc. turn a market opportunity into a technological innovation.