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  • Easy to find – use the "Samples Available" filter when searching
  • Add eligible products from anywhere across the site including any search results page, product page, or the My List tool
  • Receive free samples quickly with 3-day worldwide delivery to 62 countries and shipping, taxes and duties paid by TE (where allowable by law)
  • Registration required – click the "Resources" link (top-right corner) today to create an account

Frequently Asked Questions

Sampling Parts

Can I sample any TE product on TE.com?
While not every TE product is available through our free sample program, thousands of products are available with three-day global delivery. Our product management team is continuously adding new parts, and we will continue to expand our selection of products available on TE.com. Use the “Samples Available” filter or look for the “Get Free Samples” link on search results and product pages to find eligible products.


How do I add a sample item to my cart?
Adding samples to your cart is quick and easy. To add samples to your cart, first log in to your TE.com account. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted when you attempt to add a sample to your cart. Just browse and search available products, and then click on “Get Free Samples” to add to your cart. Note: Items cannot be added directly from the shopping cart page.


How many of a part can I order for sampling?
Each sample-eligible part has a maximum quantity that can be ordered for free, based on the characteristic of the part. All accounts will be monitored for abuse of the samples program.

Ordering & Shipping

What happens after I submit my online order?
We will process your order and then email you the order summary. After we ship your order, we will email you the delivery information, including a link to track your shipment.


What if my items are backordered?
If any items in your order are backordered, you will receive a notification via email and be emailed when an updated shipping date is available. You will then receive an email with a tracking number when the order actually ships.


Can I track my order after it ships?
After we ship your package, you will receive an email with the order number and a link to track delivery. You can also find links to track your shipment on the Order History page in  Your Account or using our order lookup tool.


To which countries can I ship a free sample?

TE ships sample orders to 62 countries around the world. See the full list of countries. 


Can I ship my sample order overnight or with my own freight account?
Sample orders only have one standard method of free three-day global shipping (where allowable by law), so it’s important to place an order as soon as you need parts. Most items are shipped immediately and generally arrive at their destination within three days. Expedited shipping options using your own freight account are not available.


What if I had an order placed but haven’t received it prior to the transition to the new experience?
After our new sample checkout experience is live on TE.com, we will transfer all previously submitted sample orders into our new system. If you previously submitted a samples order, you will not need to re-enter your order details or submit a new order.


How do I view an older sample order?
Once the new sample checkout experience is launched on TE.com, you will be able to find a link to order history after logging in to your online account. On the Order History page, another link will be displayed to take you to the legacy sample order history system. The content shown in the legacy sample order history system will not continue to be updated and is for historical purposes only.

Ordering in non-Latin-based languages

Can I submit a samples order in an Asian language?
The checkout process does not support multi-byte characters used for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other Asian languages. Order information must be submitted using English or similar script languages, such as French, German, and Italian. If you are having trouble submitting your order, please ensure your information is entered using characters that the system supports.

Terms and Conditions of Sample Orders

TE reserves the right to refuse a Sample order at any time for any reason, including (but not limited to) export control regulations; concerns about misuse; excessive quantity and/or multiple requests; multiple registrations by the same user; and/or prohibitive duties/tariffs/importation restrictions imposed by some countries.

Safety Agency UL/CSA/VDE/TUV Approvals

TE parts may have certain Safety Agency approvals such as UL, CSA, VDE, and TUV. When TE parts are purchased through TE.com they may not have the package labels identifying the applicable agency approval markings; however, you may verify specific Safety Agency approvals on TE.com and/or the applicable Safety Agency’s website.

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