Potter & Brumfield Relays for appliances, HVAC, and industrial controls

Our Potter & Brumfield portfolio includes different types of relays and contactors as well as circuit breakers. Our components consist of thermal and magnetic types, protecting equipment across multiple application settings. Our Potter & Brumfield general purpose relays are used in appliances, HVAC, and industrial control systems.

Our Potter & Brumfield solid state relays (SSRs) are designed for industrial applications, where silent, fast and long electrical life in switching is required.  These are used in heating, power, lighting and motion applications. Our SSRs can operate with very low operating times (make/bounce) with practically no limit on number of switching cycles. These are best suited for fast and high switching cycle requirements. Our solid state relays offer a longer electrical life since they do not contain any moving parts. Our SSRMP mini-puck series will add a panel mount option to the SSR range of products. With load ratings ranging from 10/16/25 AMP @ 240/480VAC, unlimited number of switching operations, added along with the ability of high speed switching prevents interference of external signals. The compact size provides customers space saving options and quick connect terminals offer easy installation. To limit the part numbers based on input voltage conditions, SSRMP input side is standard (4-32VDC)  across all output ranges.