Digitally measures amount of electrical energy consumed

Also known as a digital or smart meter, an electronic power meter is a device that digitally measures the amount of electrical energy consumed by a business or electrical device. This type of meter enables remote tracking through digital connectivity so utility providers and building owners can manage usage demands and other electrical parameters.

Product Overview

Electronic Measurement and Protection Devices

Multi-function metering systems: to measure, display and communicate over 100 parameters. The Integra systems can be integrated into energy management and SCADA systems. Options include pulsed, analogue and RS485 communication protocols, a choice of DIN, DIN-rail and ANSI case-styles and LED or LCD displays.


Transducers: to provide measurement, isolation and conversion of electrical parameters into industry standard DC output signals.


Energy Meters: to measure and display combined kWh or kVArh with pulsed or analogue output options and selectable CT and VT ratios. Microprocessor controlled circuitry provides up to Class 0.5 accuracy with outputs displayed directly on the instrument monitor or on a computer.


Relays: to continuously monitor and protect any electrical parameter within a set point limit.