Miniaturized Connectivity

TE's miniature Micro-MaTch connector family provides a proven reliable connection. This family is available in 2 versions, Industrial (red color) and the Value-line (black color), to provide the best solution for high-end and for less demanding applications

A contact concept that inspires. The Industrial Micro-MaTch contact concept is essentially different from other systems available. By its design, the traditional failure mode in tinplated connections, fretting corrosion, is prevented. The separation of the two basic functions of the contact system (contact force generation and wire termination), enables the optimization of both functions and leads to relatively simple contact shapes. High reliability is not only depending on its design, but also on the choice of copper with the optimal charateristics to ensure the working of the spring contact. In contrast with this, the Value-line is made from more cost effective materials which do not ensure the same performance, but behaving well in less demanding environments. The main advantage can be found in the price.

  1. The Micro-Match Contact System (English)

The Micro-MaTch contact helps prevent fretting corrosion, the traditional failure mode in tin-plated connections. Relative movements caused by vibrations/thermal expansion can be prevented so that a gas tight connection can make the Micro-MaTch contact spring system fretting corrosion resistant. See how the unique contact system works.

Key differences between Micro-MaTch Industrial and Micro-MaTch Value-line





10-55Hz, 10 cycles, 1oct/min/0.75mm

10-55Hz, 10 cycles, 1oct/min/0.35mm

Contact material

Phosphor bronze

Copper alloy

Durability [cycles]



Temperature range [C]

-40 to +105

-30 to +85