Uniformity, Reliability and High Performance

Our line of magnet wire termination machines is designed specifically for terminating magnet wire pigtail splices, thru splices, coils, MAG-MATE products and Crimpband, among others. MAG-MATE and AMPLIVAR splices and terminals are available in a wide range of configurations to meet most magnet wire termination needs—all provide high reliability with minimal wire preparation. Plus, many TE machines offer automatic precision adjustment functionality (CQM). Need help finding the right equipment? Click on the Find a Solution for Your Application button below to get started.

  1. Magnet Wire Processing Machines Overview Video (English)

This informative video showcases the various TE Application Tooling solutions available for processing Magnet Wire terminals.

  • Enhanced Motor Manufacturing Solutions from TE Connectivity (English)

  • Inverted Splice Terminator (English)

  • AMPLIVAR Product Terminators (APT) - Models APT 5E & APT 5A