SEACON Underwater Connectors for Military Marine, Oil and Gas Applications

TE SEACON is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of underwater and subsea connectors, providing a comprehensive range of over 2,500 high-quality electrical and fiber optic connectors. Our subsea connectors are designed to meet the demands of diverse sectors, including military marine, offshore oil and gas, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and oceanographic research applications.​

SEACON series offer a wide range of over 2500 underwater electrical and fiber optic connectors. Complete connector system solutions for harsh offshore environments serving the global oil and gas industry. Products include electrical dry-mate, optical hybrid dry-mate, electrical underwater mateable, electrical wet-mate, optical underwater mateable connectors, downhole, field installable, underwater switches, penetrators, and specialty products. Service capabilities include after sales service, on-site support, test facilities, in-house CNC and manufacturing, specialized molding, design and engineering, research and development, and project management.