RAST 2.5 & 5 Headers

PC board headers meet RAST standard

2.5mm and 5mm centerline PCB headers are designed according to RAST standards and are used for wire-to-board applications.

These 2.5mm and 5mm centerline headers meeting RAST 2.5 and RAST 5 standards are high quality solutions that can help reduce cost for the customer while supporting industrial and appliance safety standards. The portfolio includes several sizes, colors, footprint layouts, locking and plating options. Available as a standard timer header or a tab header, the contacts are situated within the housing to eliminate contact stubbing. The chain-like housing permits optimized handling within logistics and manufacturing. 2.5mm centerline headers are used when a smaller profile is needed. They are rated 2A or 6A, depending upon plating. 5mm pitch headers are used when a lower density/larger profile is acceptable. They can carry a higher current, up to 16A, for higher power applications. Typically used on a PC board or as a component interface, these headers conform to UL, VDE and CQC requirements. 

Header Variations

Features RAST 2.5 Tab Header
RAST 5 Tab Header
Footprint Layout 1 3


Dielectric Strength 1500V 3000V
Rated Voltage 50V Fully Loaded
250V Selectively Loaded
Contact Retention Force 20 N [4.49 lbf] minimum 26.7 N [6 lbf] minimum 
External and Internal Locking Types
Thousands of Configurations of Keying, Latching, and Polarization

PCB Connector Meeting RAST Standards

TE extends its PCB (printed circuit board) connector product family that meets RAST standard to further support most industrial and appliances safety standards. With an expanded portfolio that covers several sizes, colors, footprint layouts, and plating, TE's PCB connectors are particularly ideal for wire-to-board connections and control-units of major appliances and other applications. 


RAST 5 tab header dielectric strength


RAST 2.5 tab header dielectric strength


Color options

Key Features

  • Designed to RAST standard
  • Tin or silver plating
  • Meet UL, VDE, and CQC requirements
  • UL 94 V-0 and GWT 750°C w/o flame compliant models
  • Highly resistant to cold, dry heat, soldering heat, and humidity


  • PC boards mating with wire harnesses of washing machines, dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and other major appliances
  • PCB connections in industrial applications
  • Motor connection interface