Connectors Designed to RAST Standards

The TE RAST connector system features crimp and insulation displacement contact (IDC) solutions designed according to either RAST 2.5 or RAST 5 standards. RAST IDC connectors, including AMP multifitting connectors, AMP MONO-SHAPE connectors, and AMP DUOPLUG connectors, are designed for safe and fast automatic production lines, while RAST crimp products, including RAST 5 standard timer connectors, Positive Lock RAST 5 connectors, and FASTIN-FASTON RAST 5 connectors, are easily applicable in manual productions. Headers meeting the RAST standard are available in both vertical and right-angle configurations. RAST connectors are commonly used in household appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers, cooking equipment, and refrigeration.

Product Features

Available Specifications Vary By Product Line

Centerline (mm) 2.5, 5.0 Operating Temperature (°C)  -40 to +130
Maximum Current Rating (A) 2, 6, 16 Wire Size (AWG) 24-16
Voltage Rating (V) 63, 250 Positions Available 1-20
IEC 60335-1 Glow-Wire Available Yes Sealed Version Available No
UL94 Rating Available V-0 Color/Keying Available Yes
Agency Approvals UL, VDE, CQC Available Configurations Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire, Wire-to-Panel

Featured Products

Monoplug 2.5 Connectors

RAST 2.5 IDC design with a through hole feature to support daisy chain or bus applications.


RAST Headers

Headers are available in 2.5mm and 5mm pitch to meet either RAST 2.5 or RAST 5 standards.


AMP Mono-Shape Connectors

IDC connectors that feature multiple connector versions within similar housing and using the same tooling. The product line allows high volume manufacture of extremely complicated harness designs.


AMP Multifitting Mark II Connectors

Advanced in-line mating technology for components and contacts of PCBs. Available in direct and indirect versions.


RAST 5 Standard Timer Connectors

RAST 5 crimp connectors with current capacity of 16A. Optional terminal position assurance (TPA) devices are available.


FASTIN-FASTON RAST 5 Connector System

RAST 5 tab housings mating with FASTIN-FASTON 6.3mm tabs. Housings are compatible with most common RAST connector systems.


Positive Lock RAST 5 Connectors

Housings designed to mate with a control, switch or PCB that has 6.35mm x 0.81mm tabs built on a 5 mm centerline. Uses popular Positive Lock Mark III receptacles.


AMP DUOPLUG 2.5 Connectors

RAST 2.5 IDC connectors suitable for edge mount and female header applications. Design can accommodate high production rates.


AMP DUOPLUG Power Connectors

Designed according to RAST 2.5 standard, but with a 5.0mm pitch option to achieve a maximum current rating of 6A. Design can accommodate high production rates.