Raychem ELBA

40% shorter stacking length and compatible with Kries CAPDIS voltage detection system.

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Ensuring Reliable Underground Electrical Grids

Reliable power supply is the backbone of the energy industry. Underground applications provide additional protection for electrical distribution infrastructure, and this is one way Utilities and business are working to maintain consistent operations. However, underground maintenance can be challenging, time-consuming, and usually require costly, excavation and system downtime. Cable accessories are critical in today’s complex underground power distribution system. If a single joint fails underground, it could lead to several hours of network downtime, high costs of maintenance and impact the near population.

While underground installation can bring a higher installation cost, the total cost of ownership is lowered with the right connections and proper installation training. As your partner we can supply highly engineered connections that will bring reliability to your network.  


years on field service without the need for maintenance


average replacement cost of a single medium voltage joint


average installation time for a 1/C heat shrink joint

Pioneering Grid Reliability

We have a long history of innovation. We invented the triple layer tube for heat shrink joints to improve reliability and reduce installation time. Our switchgear connectors now integrate a partial discharge sensor, compatible with most grid monitoring devices to help you track your network performance and thereby reduce the frequency and duration of outages.

Turn up the heat, shrink the worry

For more than 60 years TE Connectivity has developed Raychem heat shrink technology for energy applications. Our heat shrink technology is based on specially-formulated thermoplastic polymer materials, which means we can help optimize the product for your applications.

One Connectivity Partner

We are a one-stop-shop for your underground cable accessory needs including Raychem heat shrink and cold applied joints, tubing, switchgear connectors, SIMEL mechanical connectors, resin-filled joints, cable cleats, and more. By working with one single partner you will receive the comprehensive solutions, engineering and training services you need to keep the backbone of your grid connected.

Portfolio highlights

Discover our product offering for your underground grid and get an overview of where they fit.


Our TE experts and network of authorized distributors can support you wherever you are located to help you select the most suitable solutions for your power supply.


Collaborate with our engineering team to create a custom solution. Our research and development teams have years of experience and thousands of patents, which can be leveraged for your needs.


We test custom solutions in our labs to ensure highest performance and reliability.


We provide tailored installation training courses, and competency assessments for installers, trainers and supervisors.

Switchgear & Transformers Solutions

Our Raychem inner and outer cone separable connectors are easy to install, compact and adaptable to most cable types to reduce your installation time and costs.

Cable Terminations Solutions

Our Raychem heat shrink, cold shrink and dry type terminations handle long-term electrical stress. Easy to install with high-reliability thanks to our material science.

Joints & Splices

Our Raychem heat shrink and cold applied joints are designed to offer superior mechanical strength and electrical performance.

Connection & Mounting Solutions

Compact and easy to install, we have a wide range of cable cleats and shear bolt connectors to reduce your stock levels.

Insulating Sealing Solutions

Our insulating sealing technologies are gel or resin filled. They allow the joint in which the connected cable ends to be completely embedded in resin to withstand the external factors.