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Underground Electrical System

Critical components for efficient, high-performing high, medium and low voltage underground electrical system.

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Overhead lines or underground cable network?

Power utilities across the world must choose between overhead and underground electrical system. Usually, the method to distribute electrical power to customers has been through overhead lines. An essential advantage of the overhead distribution system is the ease and cost efficiency of installation and access. Indeed, overhead lines are mounted to poles, which make them more easily accessible. However, they are very much exposed to the weather elements such as snow, ice, wind and storm that can damage them. Therefore, the decision between overhead and underground distribution lines must be made by taking into consideration the location and the total cost of ownership of the installation. Bury lines can be preferred in areas where natural elements represent a risk for the reliability of the distribution system, but not exclusively. They are also being installed in residential, urban, industrial environments.

Underground Electrical System

From conventional networks to underground residential distribution, the most innovative utilities partner with TE. Cable accessories are a critical backbone in today's complex underground power distribution system. TE's Raychem underground cable accessories are designed to withstand environmental extremes over long operating lifetimes and offer easy installation, helping maintain service reliability in myriad underground applications.

Underground power network


Low votalge products


TE's Raychem Low Voltage Cable Accessories are designed and fully tested to meet IEC, ANSI and IEEE standards and specific customer specifications. Each joint, termination or connection system covers a range of cable sizes and is supplied complete with full installation instructions. As a significant leader in heat shrink technology and also cold applied with insulation gels and pre-expanded and one of the largest cable accessory manufacturers, we support our products with customer training, service and technical assistance to meet and exceed the demands of the growing world of energy. With millions of installations throughout the world, TE's Raychem Low Voltage Cable Accessories are reliable and quicker to install than conventional systems.

Medium Voltage Underground solutions

Medium Voltage Cable Accessories

Over the last four decades, engineers in utilities and industries around the world have specified TE's Raychem cable terminations at distribution voltages up to 36 kV (Cenelec and IEC) and 35 kV (IEEE). Our Raychem terminations have become identified with reliability because of their unparalleled long-term performance – where it really counts – in the field. Today many things are influencing the distribution of power at medium voltages especially in underground cable network. For example, the transition to new types of polymeric cable, distribution at higher voltages, and the widespread usage of compact switchgear. We have proven high levels of reliability with different technologies available like heat-shrink and cold-shrink or cold applied, covering a full range of cable sizes and applications for cable terminations and splices.

High Voltage Cable Accessories

The product line that makes up TE’s portfolio of high voltage components represent more than 5 decades of experience in the power transmission business. This long-term track record, with projects all over the world, is united under a single company to provide you with a single source of supply. Our global network of technical and sales representatives provides expert application and engineering assistance, hands-on field training and continuous after‑sales support to help our customers successfully master the challenges of today’s businesses.

Separable Connectors

Separable Connectors

The new design of the electrical distribution networks in Utility, Wind, Solar generation and Industrial, demands the use of compacted Switchgear system technology with the use of SF6 insulating gas, becoming a trend more and more; at the same time the increasing use of compacted transformers. TE's Raychem offer screened separable connectors to cover wide range of cable sizes, with different shield construction. We meet and exceed IEC, Cenelec and IEEE standard requirement, by offering enhanced product including fastest and high reliable connectors for Switchgear application.