Line reactors are engineered to address power quality issues related to power electronics devices, including AC drives (also known as VFD), UPS, power conversion systems, BESS, and EV charging stations. These loads are susceptible to two types of power quality issues: first, the power disturbance or disruptions from the line side (e.g. transient, and current fluctuations) are detrimental to these devices. These loads are nonlinear and generate harmonic distortions to the installation and affect other loads connected nearby. IEC 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-12 set limits on maximal harmonic emission for such devices. IEEE519 also limits the maximal permissible harmonic distortion level at the common coupling point at the line side. Line reactors are one of the proven and effective solutions to address both these issues. Our CORCOM RPQ series offer high performance copper winding line reactors for both three- and single-phase loads. The three phase line reactors cover a very broad rating from 1.76A up to 1010A for 50/60Hz network up to 480V. The single-phase line reactors cover a very broad rating from 2A up to 1000A with maximal voltage up to 250V. All RPQ series line reactors are UL recognized.