Connectors to Reliably Protect against EMI and EMP threats

TE's DEUTSCH filtered EMI/EMP connector technology offers you control of EMI interference and EMP protection in ruggedized environments with potential weight and space saving configurations that help reduce your total system cost. Weight and space saving advantages can result from using a filtered connector providing technical and commercial advantages. DEUTSCH has over 20 years’ experience in designing and supplying standard and customer specific connector solutions with integrated EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMP (electromagnetic pulse) suppression.

EMI Filtering

TE’s rugged EMI filter connectors typically utilise planar capacitor arrays in a wide variety of topologies (i.e., C, LC, CL, PI and T). These products can have the filtering characteristics specified per line, together with non-filtered and grounded lines to match the specific equipment requirements.

EMP Filtering Transient Protection

Voltage transient protection is available within connectors and is achieved by incorporating TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diodes or MoV’s (metal oxide varistor) components. These EMP connectors are designed to meet specific system threat requirements "on a line-by-line basis" and can offer an effective design solution.