TE Connectivity's SubCom Network Ship

An Undersea Communications Leader

Subsea Communications (SubCom) has a rich history in the design, manufacture, deployment and maintenance of undersea communication systems and services.

SubCom is a pioneer in undersea communications, delivering reliable, high-quality solutions to organizations with undersea communications needs. SubCom's global presence and heritage of technical innovation is backed by industry-leading Research and Development labs, manufacturing facilities and installation and maintenance ships.  

  1. SubCom Overview (English)

The talented employees and management team in our research and development laboratories, manufacturing facilities, business offices, ships, and depots have deployed more than 100 cable systems and enough subsea communication cable to circle the Earth 15 times at the Equator.


Amount of fiber optic networks globally deployed using TE undersea cable

490,000 km of Undersea Cable Installed by TE Connectivity

TE SubCom has deployed enough cable
to circle 15 times around the Equator

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