0.64mm Automotive Terminals & Connectors

TE Connectivity's (TE) Generation Y portfolio of 0.64mm terminals, connectors, and headers, offers proven compact, low mating force connectivity solutions for a large range of signal applications. These connectors are available in various positions as well as hybrid connector designs.


Sealed and unsealed connectors exceed performance requirements of USCAR-2, -20, -21 and -25 connector design and ergonomic standards


Proven and preferred 0.64mm connector system for North American OEM's


Lowest centerline pitch for 0.64 connector systems

NEW!! Generation Y 68P Sealed Hybrid Inline Connector

  • 65% Less Supply Chain Complexity
  • Cost-effective
  • Ease of Manufacturing and allows for improved packaging and wire routing
  • Reduced Footprint  
  • Automotive grade robustness including male side pin protection plate
  • x44 TE Generation Y .64mm Terminal System
  • x2 TE Mate-AX Mini Coax Terminal System
  • x10 2.8mm Terminal System
  • x12 1.5mm Terminal System


TE Connectivity Hybrid Solutions

  • Configurable solutions that integrate data connections Into low-voltage power and signal connectors
  • Data Connectivity option to meet customer’s speed and data integrity requirements
  • Easier operator assembly and processing time through reduced number of connections
  • Reduced cost and supply chain complexity
  • Smaller and compact packaging and wire routing – new networking topologies to reduce complexity, cable length, weight and cost
  • Familiar interface with customizable options
  • Software-driven service-oriented architecture
Generation Y Terminal Types

Features and Benefits

  • Sealed and unsealed connectors for use in cabin or engine applications 
  • Low  engagement force contact allows for higher pin count with hand mate while  meeting requirements of USCAR-25 
  • 2.2mm centerline pitch capable to allow greater density to reduce PCB costs
  • 0.64 mm/2.8mm hybrid connectors provide power and signal  in one package to reduce complexity and cost 
  • Off-the-shelf or application specific design available.
  • Header materials available for IR resistance and lead-free solder processing
  • One piece hinge-lock plug housing provides independent secondar locking of female terminal
  • Header designs available with thru-hole solder tails, surface mount tabs or press-fit compliant pin terminals
  • Header designs available in vertical or right-angle; with or without boardlocks
  • Sealed and unsealed connectors exceed performance requirements of USCAR-2, -20, -21and -25 connector design and ergonomic standards
Application Tooling for High Crimp Quality

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Creating a quality crimp connection is essential to delivering high performance and reliability in extreme environments.  From low to high volume wire processing, TE has you covered with a full range of application tooling and a global field service team.  Connect with our product experts today to find the right tool for your Generation Y 0.64mm connector needs.

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