Smart Architectures – Hybrid Connectivity Solutions for Automotive Applications

The increase in electronic content is driving the need for reduced scale and complexity of the physical wiring network within vehicles. This is leading to a transformation from electrical/electronic (E/E) architectures that are fragmented and functionally orientated to more centralized and simplified “zonal” architectures. To meet this need, TE Connectivity has designed and developed a broad range of hybrid connector solutions based on established OEM-released interfaces supporting both signal, power and different types of data connectivity to support a large range of applications.


TE offers an extensive portfolio of hybrid connectors, based on established OEM approved interfaces, for signal, power and data addressing the needs of a wide range of applications. These feature intelligent designs, in terms of pocket spacing and configuration, that maximizes: ·


  • Heat management / dissipation


  • Electromagnetic compatibility


  • Anti-stubbing


  • Block-loading (automated terminal insertion) readiness


Reduced E/E Architecture Complexity, Space, Weight and Cost


Robust solution integrating data, low voltage and signal connections into one single connector


Reduced packaging space PCB footprint

Inline Connectors

NEW!! Generation Y 68P Sealed Hybrid Inline Connector

  • 65% Less Supply Chain Complexity
  • Cost-effective
  • Ease of Manufacturing and allows for improved packaging and wire routing
  • Reduced Footprint  
  • Automotive grade robustness including male side pin protection plate
  • x44 TE Generation Y .64mm Terminal System
  • x2 TE Mate-AX Mini Coax Terminal System
  • x10 2.8mm Terminal System
  • x12 1.5mm Terminal System

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Automotive E/E Architecture Evolution

The Role of Connectivity in the Next Generation of Automotive E/E Architectures

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If you don’t find your configuration then please talk to our sales associates for further information.

Hybrid Connectivity Applications

Hybrid Connector Block-Loading Readiness

Modularity is a key part of TE’s basic design guidelines
for automated housing assembly, which is particularly important for hybrid
connectors. These guidelines support the combination of various standardized
connector modules with a frame.

Blocking-loading Suitability
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