High-performing wire processing equipment

Flexible high force processing solutions

Processing large wire sizes and terminating high voltage wire connectors requires a high performing, highly-engineered solution. The TE high force lineup gives you the power needed to process large wire applications in a fast, flexible and affordable format. Our HV-CP machine takes the complexity and long preparation times out of high voltage cable processing, while our HF-20 and HV-20 bench-top pressing machines are capable of terminating cables up to 120mm2 (AWG 4/0). Plus, the TE modular die platform allows you to use a wide variety of unique die sets in holders that can be installed into either press.

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Process 10 - 120mm2 (AWG 8 - 4/0) multi-layered conductors in as fast as 30 seconds!


HV-CP touch screen interface accommodates up to 1,500 different profiles.


HF-20 and HV-20 bench-top presses are able to produce 178 kN (20T) of crimp force in order to process wires up to 120 mm2 (AWG 4/0).

  1. TE High Voltage Termination Solutions (English)

See how the TE portfolio of high voltage terminating solutions gives you the power and flexibility needed for crimping high voltage connectors.

HV-CP High Voltage Cable Processing Machine

Multi-Step Stripping

Take the complexity and long preparation times out of your high voltage cable processing with our new HV-CP machine, which can process 10 - 120mm2 (AWG 8 - 4/0) multi-layered conductors in as fast as 30 seconds! The HV-CP strips the outer jacket, foil shield, braid shield, and inner insulation to meet your termination specifications. To confirm proper preparation of the cable, the machine offers innovative quality control features:

  • Ability to confirm installation of the proper tooling before running
  • Self-calibration of blade positions after tooling changeover
  • Confirms cable position before and after the prep process to confirm proper strip lengths

For ease-of-use the HV-CP machine has an intuitive touch screen interface with a memory that accommodates up to 1,500 different profiles.

HV-CP Specifications

Description Specification
Wire Cross Section 10 mm2 - 120 mm2 (AWG 8 - 4/0)
Max. Outer Diameter 25.0 mm (1 in)
Min Diameter of Inner Conductors 6.0 mm (0.24 in)
Max Wire Cross Section for Cutting 2 mm2 / AWG 14 / 1.6 mm diam (0.063 in diam)
Typical Cycle Time 30 sec
Increments for Incision Diameter 0.01 mm (0.0004 in)
Increment for Stripping Length 0.01 mm (0.0004 in)
Maximum Outer Jacket Strip Length 80 mm (3.15 in)
Profile Library: Max Number of Articles 1500
Sequence Function: Max Number of Steps 100

HV-CP Spare Tooling Part Numbers

Machine Cable
mm Max
2335400-1 10 mm2
(AWG 8)
8.8 (-0.6) 6.0 (-0.6) 4.5 2364113-1 2360456-1 2364114-1
16 mm2
(AWG 6)
10.2 (-0.6) 7.2 (-0.6) 5.8 2364113-2 2360456-2
25 mm2
(AWG 4)
12.2 (-0.6) 8.7 (-0.6) 7.2 2364113-3 2360456-3
35 mm2
(AWG 2)
14.4 (-0.6) 10.4 (-0.7) 8.5 2364113-4 2360456-4
50 mm2
(AWG 1)
15.8 (-0.6) 12.2 (-0.7) 10.5 2364113-5 2360456-5
60  mm2
(AWG 1/0)
16.9 (-0.6) 13.3 (-1.2) 11.6 2364113-6 2360456-6
70 mm2
(AWG 2/0
18.2 (-0.6) 14.4 (-1.2) 12.5 2364113-7 2360456-7
95 mm2
(AWG 3/0)
20.9 (-0.6) 17.2 (-1.2) 14.8 2364113-8 2360456-8
120 mm2
(AWG 4/0)
23 (-0.8) 19 (-1.2) 16.5 2364113-9 2360456-9
High Voltage Press


  • Unlike competitive offerings, the HF-20 and HV-20 bench-top presses are able to produce 178 kN (20T) of crimp force in order to process wires up to 120 mm2  (AWG 4/0).
  • Combining sophisticated controls, traceability system and equipped with ethernet and USB ports, the HV-20 and HF-20 benchtop terminators are Industry 4.0 ready. Modular die platform allows for a variety of die sets.
  • Integrated vacuum system design on our HV-20 model keeps sensitive connections clean and clear of debris commonly associated with high voltage cable crimping.
  • Ability to crimp both TE and non-TE terminals thanks to our flexible modular die platform
  • Compact footprint: 974 mm (height), 777 mm (depth), 552 mm (width).

Side-by Side Comparison

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  HF-20T HV-20T
Force 178kN (20T) 178kN (20T)
Max Wire 120mm2 (AWG 4/0) 120mm2 (AWG 4/0)
Variable Stroke (Sec)
Speed (RPM)
1.3 - 8.3 Sec
288 - 1800 RPM
1.3 - 8.3 Sec
288 - 1800 RPM
Power 3kW 3kW
Supply 200V & 400V 200V & 400V
Stroke / Shut Height 44mm / 158.4mm 44mm / 158.4mm
Weight 390kg 390kg
Network / MES RJ-45 / MQTT RJ-45 / MQTT
Particle Vacuum No Yes
Guard Auto Lift Yes Yes

High Force Terminator Parts

Description Press Part Number
HF-20, High Force Terminator, 400V 2335500-1
HF-20, High Force Terminator, 200V 2335500-2
HV-20, High Voltage Terminator, 400V 2348822-1
HV-20, High Voltage Terminator, 200V 2348822-2

HV Modular Die Sets

The TE modular die platform can accomodate a large variety of both TE and non-TE terminals. This is only a cross section of TE die sets and terminals available. For a current list of available die sets please click on the products tab above. Don't see what you need? Please contact your TE Application Tooling sales representative for additional guidance.

90° Charger Inlet
90° Charger Inlet
HVP 800 Series for Open Barrel Terminals
HVP 800 Series for Open Barrel Terminals
HVP 800 Series for Closed Barrel Terminals
HVP 800 Series for Closed Barrel Terminals
PCON 12 Series
PCON 12 Series
PCON 18 Series
PCON 18 Series
PCON 21 Series
PCON 21 Series

HV Modular Die Holders

Loaded with Features


Fine Adjust Feature
Fine adjust feature allows for faster, more precise crimp height adjustment. The wire clamp assembly, handle and die sets can easily be adjusted to handle left or right side wire processing.
HV Modular Die Holders
With fine adjust for HV-20 Machines (left); For AT-66 Machines (right) The multi-platform design of our modular HV die holders allows for use in a variety of TE and non-TE terminators.
Spring-loaded wire clamp assembly
Spring-loaded wire clamp assembly accommodates a variety of different wire sizes to match your processing needs.

Modular Die Holder Parts

Description Part Number
HV MOD Die Holder w/Fine Adjust (Manual) 2305470-1
HV MOD Die Holder w/Fine Adjust (Automatic) 2305470-2
HV MOD Die Holder w/o Fine Adjust For AT-66 Terminator only
(can not be used in HV-20 or HF-20 Terminators)