Learn how our connectivity solutions enable continuous power flow for your electrified rail & metro grid.

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Rail & Metro Power Solutions

With megatrends like urbanization, digitization and globalization, plus demographic changes driving increased demand for mobility, rail transport activity is expected to more than double by the year 2050. Not only that, rail is the only widely electrified mode of transportation - which creates an even greater need for high-quality, dependable products that support and enable electrification.

To keep up with demand and ensure the safety of your passengers, you need high-performing, durable connectivity solutions you can count on. TE offers a robust portfolio of highly dependable, quality rail and metro solutions and grid connectivity designed to withstand harsh environments. Our solutions help minimize power failures and service interruptions with quick and seamless installation, and on-demand maintenance support during the least impactful window of time.

Performance and durability you can count on


year lifespan of installed SIMEL Catenary Connectors


years of experience in power grid connectivity

One Connectivity Partner

We have a long history and proven track record of providing high-performing, durable electrified rail and metro connectivity solutions that withstand diverse and harsh environments. Our robust portfolio features Raychem cable accessories, SIMEL mechanical connectors, Bowthorpe EMP surge arresters, Raychem wildlife and asset protection solutions and insulators that enable continuous power flow - even for high-speed trains. 

We provide quick and seamless delivery, and on-demand installation services. Because we understand the importance of uninterrupted service, we have field service personnel in many locations standing by to provide support during a small and least impactful window of time. We also have the resources and expertise to provide tailored solutions with engineering collaboration—we’ll co-develop products with you to ensure you can overcome challenges.

Find out more about how you can benefit from our dedicated rail and metro connectivity consultancy, solutions and expertise today.


Our experts are well-versed in local languages, and are available to travel to you in order to understand your challenges and recommend the most suitable solutions.


Your needs are unique. Our engineering team will collaborate with you to create customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


We put our solutions through several rounds of rigorous testing in accredited labs to ensure they meet your high standards for quality, efficiency and dependability.


We’ll help you get the most out of your products by providing tailored installation training and competency assessment to help increase installation accuracy.

Our Rail and Metro Portfolio Highlights

Download our Rail & Metro line card now. This resource provides a brief overview of several of our products and an illustration of where they are installed.

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Cable Termination Solutions

Our Raychem heat shrink and cold shrink terminations handle long-term electrical stress. Easy to install with high reliability thanks to our material science.

Switchgear & Transformer Solutions

Our Raychem inner and outer cone separable connectors are easy to install, compact and adaptable to most cable types to reduce your installation time and costs.


Tunnel Insulation Solutions

Our Raychem covers are designed to eliminate many causes of flashover and nuisance trip outages. Manufactured from specially formulated Raychem materials for railway applications, they offer high quality insulation.

High Voltage Substation Connectivity

We offer robust connection and wildlife and asset protection solutions for your substation. They can be installed in your new or retrofit substation to increase your performance.

Trackside & Catenary System Solutions

Our extensive portfolio features SIMEL current-carrying catenary droppers, branch connectors, Raychem insulators, Raychem wildlife & asset protection solutions and Bowthorpe EMP surge arresters. They are field proven to provide long operating life and custom designs are available on request.

Kinetic Energy Recovery System Solutions & Third Rail System

Our wide range of grounding, shear bolt and compression connectors are designed for quick and easy installation, resistant to corrosion and help eliminate grounding failures.

High Voltage Roofline System Solutions

Our portfolio of roofline applications enables the optimized interaction and inter-operability of various rail-approved high voltage components.