Q:    What is an AMPSEAL connector?

A:     AMPSEAL connectors provide rugged reliability and environmental sealing. They are available in cable plugs and PCB mount headers that are designed to stand up to high-temperature underhood applications.

Q:    What are the appropriate applications for AMPSEAL connectors?

A:     Truck, bus, off-highway, construction, agriculture, mining, emergency vehicles, forestry, forklift, recreational, marine, motorcycle, power generation


Q:    When should I use AMPSEAL connectors?

A:     AMPSEAL connectors provide reliability and performance on the engine or transmission, under the hood, for power control units, bulkheads, on the chassis, or in the cab. AMPSEAL connectors offer field-proven reliability and rugged quality. AMPSEAL are designed for cable-to-board harsh environment applications.

Key Features

Q:    What are the AMPSEAL connectors’ key features?

A:     AMPSEAL connector key features:

  •     Accepts contact size 1.3 mm (up to 17 amps gold, up to 8 amps tin)
  •     16-24 AWG (1.25-0.20 mm²)
  •     8, 14, 23, and 35 cavity arrangements
  •     PCB mount
  •     Rectangular, thermoplastic housing
  •     Integrated latch for mating
  •     Integrated wedgelock confirms contact alignment and retention 
  •     Optional CPA and header seals for added reliability
  •     Tool-less backshell accessories are easy to install for added protection and reduced wire strain


Performance/ Specifications

Q:    What is the temperature range for AMPSEAL connectors?

A:     Operating at temperatures -40°C to +125°C for gold plated, -40°C to +105°C for tin plated

Q:    How durable are AMPSEAL connectors?

A:     Mate and unmate specimens for 10 cycles at maximum rate of 600 cycles per hour. Note: Shall meet visual requirements, show no physical damage and shall meet requirements of additional tests as specified in Test Sequence in Figure 3 of TE product document 108-1329.


Q:    What is the insulation resistance for AMPSEAL connectors?

A:     100 megohms minimum. EIA 364-21C and IEC 60512-3-1. Test between adjacent contacts of mated specimens.


Q:    What is the immersion rating for AMPSEAL connectors?

A:     IP67/69K immersion rating


Q:    What is the vibration rating for AMPSEAL connectors?

A:     EIA 364-21C and IEC 60512-3-1. Subject mated specimens to 10 Gs for 8 hours each plane.


Q:    What is the current rating and voltage rating for AMPSEAL connectors?

A:    Up to 17 A (gold) and up to 8 A (tin). Up to 250 V AC.


Q:    What material are AMPSEAL connector shells made of?

A:     AMPSEAL connector shells are made of rugged glass filled PBT.


Q:    What are AMPSEAL connector grommets made of?

A:     AMPSEAL connector grommets are made of silicone rubber.


Q:    What material are AMPSEAL connector locking wedges made of?

A:     AMPSEAL connector locking wedges are made of rugged PBT.


Q:    What material are the AMPSEAL connector seals made of?

A:     The AMPSEAL connector seals are made of silicone rubber.