Inlet Filters for a Variety of Power Entry Needs

TE’s multi-function inlet filters can provide one mechanical solution for a variety of power entry needs. Each series supports several different configurations to suit the market requirements. Our parts ensure both susceptibility control and emission compliance.

Each starts with an international standard power cord connector, and includes options for fusing, voltage selections, switching and filtering. Selecting one power entry modules series simplifies the mechanical design, and each version within the series replaces the cost and labor of up to five individual parts in the equipment bill of materials. With hundreds of different combinations of power entry functions, these modules offer a cost-effective solution to the power entry needs of many systems.


IEC Standard inlets allow the use of one common input socket to accomodate differing international power cord designs. Using the IEC input ensures that regardless what electrical system it is, there is a standard power cord to fit.

IEC 60320-1 Socket

International Power Inlet

Common to all modules the 60320-1 C14 universal sockets allows your equipment to be used in every country. Simply select a power cord with the IEC 60320-10C13 plug on one end and a regionally appropriate power plug on the other.

Fusing Options

North American (1/4” x 1 ¼” 3AG) or Metric (5 mm x 20 mm) or both? One fuse or two?

Voltage Selection Options

4 voltage, 2 voltage, or 1 voltage. Multi-tap, center-tap or dual primary?

Power Switch

Yes or no? Double pole (DPST) or single (SPST)? These switches feature international on-off markings, current ratings up to 15 A and high inrush current ratings


Reduce the radiated emissions through the panel cut-out by selecting a module with a shield (optional on the C, Cu, M and P series)

Filtering Options

Choose from 6 different filtering options for specific application requirements. All feature low leakage options for medical applications.