Turnkey Solutions

System Solutions

Our highly trained and experienced staff can manufacture a field ready solution for you.

We offer complete start to finish manufacturing on site, incorporating PCBA’s, cables, harness assemblies and a casing to form your field ready product. Our new highly configurable manufacturing plant can be easily configured to build your complete product on-site. We can even package and ship direct to your customer.


Purpose built plant ideal for turnkey solutions. Our systems and processes from raw material sourcing to finished good shipping are all designed to work together. This enables minimal lead time, fast high quality production of your product. Our team on-site can support your business in the following areas

  • Quotation
  • Specification and production engineering
  • Material procurement
  • MPI approved transitional facility
  • Warehouse available to receive and consolidate raw materials ready for build
  • Production
  • Quality check
  • Shipping
  • Experience exporting small to large cabinets.
Turnkey solution finished and ready for shipping
Turnkey solution finished and ready for shipping
Turnkey solution installed on site
Turnkey solution installed on site