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Switch Power Safely with Electrical Power Disconnect Switches

Battery disconnectors allow for an immediate power interruption by manual activation for increased safety factors in field installation. A battery disconnect switch cuts off the connection between a battery and accessories that can drain it. It lowers the chances of the battery malfunctioning and protects it against electrical fires and theft. Battery disconnect switches also provide a reliable way to shut down power during maintenance and protect batteries from excessive drain. Our KISSLING power switch portfolio includes battery disconnect switches for the most demanding requirements.

KISSLING Power Switches

Our power switches are used for theft protection or protection against unauthorized use of commercial or industrial vehicles or equipment by removable or lockable control elements. As well as for battery shutdown in vehicles, railway and aviation applications. We offer single- or dual-pole configurations, various mounting and locking (security) alternatives as well as different shapes and colors for the operating handles. Our manually operated battery disconnects range from 200 A to 500 A  and from 12 V to 450 V. The nominal current ratings refer to continuous DC current at up to 100% duty cycle, and the switches are built to switch under full load and can handle up to 5 times the continuous current level for up to 10 seconds as overload current. All series 35 battery disconnectors are sealed with a technology that meets the IP67 and IP6K9K standards, and the switches are designed to operate at temperatures between -40°C and +85°C. 


Maximum operating temperature


Continuous current level handled by our switches for up to 10 seconds as overload current

500 A

Maximum capability

This High Voltage Battery Disconnector separates the power circuit from the battery to the equipment to ensure safety.

Customer Advantages

High Voltage Battery Disconnect Switches
  • HV battery disconnect switch available in 400 Amp and 550 Amp versions
  • Meets IP67 and IP6K9K protection class
  • Meets the high demands of the industrial and commercial transportation industry
  • Operating voltage up to 1000 Volts in larger amperage versions
  • High voltage disconnects are carry only
  • Utilizes High Voltage Interlock for system safety