Mini Wire-to-Board Interconnect Solutions

TE's 1.5mm AMP Mini CT connectors are miniature wire-to-board interconnect solutions. These mini wire connectors are similar to the standard AMP CT connector series that has proven performance in harness-making capability. A variety of harness-making machines are available, ranging from hand tools for low volume production to automatic crimping machines. Two types of housings are available, including crimp and mass terminated (MT), which are preloaded with insulation displacement contacts. These mini wire connectors are designed with contacts on 1.5 mm pitch. TE’s AMP mini CT product line also consists of a wide variety of board side headers that mate with the contacts and housings we offer.

Product Features

1.5mm AMP Mini CT
  • Two termination methods: IDC, Crimp
  • IDC AWG 26~28
  • Crimp AWG 24~28
  • Circuits range from 2-20 single row and 20-40 dual row
  • Kinked leg options for self-retention on boards
  • Drawer and lattice series
  • Panel mount configuration available
  • RoHS compliant
  • Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File No. E28476
  • Canadian Standards Association, File No. LR 7189-133

Select Applications

1.5mm AMP Mini CT
  • Business equipment
  • Industrial machines
  • PCs
  • Printer
  • Audio
  • Air conditioner
  • Lighting
  • Anywhere signals or power are routed
Mass Termination (MT) Connectors
Mass Termination (MT) connectors
AMP Mini CT Crimp Contacts
Mini CT crimp contacts
Mini CT Crimp Housing
Mini CT crimp housing
Mini CT Dual Row
Mini CT dual row

AMP Mini CT Mount Styles

Improving Harness Productivity

To assist you in your design, we offer a wide variety of mount styles for the AMP mini CT connector. They are illustrated below and detailed further in the 1.5mm AMT Mini CT Connector Series quick reference guide.


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