AMPSEAL 16 Connector with Coaxial Terminals

Dependability for Longer Lasting Use

Our new environmentally sealed AMPSEAL 16 connector with coaxial terminals is designed specifically for your coaxial connection needs in heavy-duty off-road and on-highway applications. This rugged one and four position coax connector features a locking latch for mating and utilizes our industry-proven AMPSEAL 16 style thermoplastic housing technology. The connector accepts our robust MATE-AX automotive coax terminals and delivers superior analog signal and digital data transmission performance. With the usage of MATE-AX terminals for sealed and unsealed applications, this allows for one-time terminal validation to meet all application needs. Variants will include in-line, bulkhead and header solutions.

Product Features:

Specs for AMPSEAL 16 Connector with Coaxial Terminals
  • Up to 6GHz operating frequency
  • IP67/IP6K9K (with backshell) dust and water protection
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C (cable dependent)
  • PLR Primary Latch Reinforcement designed to help avoid contact misalignment
  • Supports RTK031, RG174, DACAR462 cable types
  • Family seal design
  • 4 color coded keying options