Rochester Engineered Cabling

Engineered for Harsh Environments

TE's Rochester products bring advanced technology to the design and manufacture of cables for harsh environments. We develop cables built for the most rigorous applications helping you go deep, whether it's to the ocean floor, the bottom of a mine, or down an oil well. Since its founding in 1794 as a manufacturer of ropes, Rochester Cable has evolved to become a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of electro-optical cables for a vast array of applications. Our cables are highly engineered to meet specific application requirements in such demanding industries as petroleum exploration and production, defense, oceanographic, and subsea applications.

Product Portfolio

Rochester Cable
  • Electro-Optic Tow Cable
  • Side Scan Sonar Tow Cables 
  • Offshore Oil Production Cables 
  • TV Inspection Cables
  • Single-Conductor CTD and Instrumentation Cables
  • Multiconductor Instrumentation Cables 
  • Coaxial Cables 
  • Armored Mining Cables 
  • Plow and Umbilical Cables
  • STEEL-LIGHT Cables 
  • Custom Cables
rochester cable
rochester cable


Petroleum Exploration and Production

TE’s Rochester cables provides electro-optical products with proven quality and reliability for applications that include BOP umbilicals, seismic instrumentation and custom cables for harsh environments to depths of 6000 meters. TE Rochester wireline products are used in logging, perforating, and downhole well applications worldwide. The hot, corrosive downhole environment is met through our expertise in high-temperature insulations,.


Naval organizations worldwide rely our electro-optical range cables, surveillance cables, submarine towed array cables, helicopter dip sonar cables, and electro-optical cables for ROV salvage and recovery.

Mining and Miscellaneous

Single-conductor, coaxial, optical, and multiconductor TV inspection cables are designed to provide extended service life in harsh environments of TV inspection, fishing, and mining. Galvanized steel armors, aramid yarns, and durable thermoplastic materials provide the protection needed in pipe and sewer inspection applications. Net sounder coaxial cables for the fishing industry can withstand substantial loads. TE mining power and lighting cables have been approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).


TE's Rochester cables are used in currenttemperature-depth (CTD) cables, towed sonar cables, and ROV umbilical cables. Extended life is provided by use of custom-designed armor packages and STEEL-LIGHT fiber optic elements.

Subsea Telecommunications

TE's Rochester nonrepeater products are tailored to meet industry needs for short-haul communications. Rochester fiber-optic elements are protected with a hermetically sealed copper tube that provides extended service in custom-designed configurations to meet depth and environmental demands.

Umbilical and Tether

We offer a full range of umbilical and tether cables to meet the widest range of subsea needs. See our Subsea Tether and Umbilical Cables brochure.