RBK-ILS processor MKIII

Advanced Tooling for Efficient Heat Shrink Protection

Our equipment for heat shrink tubing seals and protects electrical splices, and provides mechanical protection for fluid management systems in harsh environments. Across a wide range of applications, we deliver optimal heating temperatures, performance and control features for greater efficiency.

Model 19 Belt Heater
Model 19: Used to install Raychem tubing products onto ring terminals and FASTON terminals
Model 105 Tunnel Oven
Model 105: Offers controlled process for a wide variety of heat-shrinkable products
AD-3050 Seal Test Equipment
AD-3050: Offers a convenient 'in-process' technique for checking sealed splices
CV-Obhat 1600 w Stub-System
CV-Obhat 1600: Used to install Raychem ES-cap stub splice sealing products and RBK-ILS/QSZH
  1. Model 19 Belt Heater (English)

Watch a demonstration of the Model 19 belt heater. The Model 19 belt heater is the latest generation of versatile process heaters suitable for installing a wide range of heat shrinkable products.

  • Model 105 Tunnel Oven (English)

  • Raychem RBK ILS MK4 Processor (English)

  • Model 17 Belt Heater (English)

Equipment Catalog

Heat Shrink Equipment Design
Discrete processors (toasters): Bench-top discrete heaters
Convey/Belt heaters: Table-top and floor stand controlled process machines
Bed heater/Tunnel oven: Modular process heaters
Shuttle machine: Twin workstation process heater
On-board splice sealing: Portable splice sealing machine
Seal test equipment: Manually operated tester for sealed splices
  1. Single Wall Installation (English)

Single Wall Installation

  • Dual Wall Installation (English)

  • Tubing Sealing (English)