CTO Podcast

Our CTO for Energy discusses the barriers to adopting renewable energy sources and the need for renewables as climate change continues to negatively affect the world.


Understanding the Current and Future State of Renewable Energy

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TE's role in developing the James Webb Space Telescope

TE's role in developing the James Webb Space Telescope

Image rendering of the James Web Telescope

TE's role in developing the James Webb Space Telescope

TE Connectivity empowers engineers by designing and manufacturing sensor and connectivity solutions for a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected world. As the go-to engineering partner for today's innovation leaders and technology entrepreneurs, we are helping solve tomorrow's toughest challenges. Our electrical and electronic products are engineered to reliably connect and protect the flow of data, power, and signal – in electric vehicles and aircraft, digital factories and smart homes, and life-saving medical devices, efficient utility networks, and the global communications infrastructure. For nearly 80 years, our focus on engineering for reliability and empowering the potential of people has helped drive innovation in the technology transforming how people live, work, and connect.

Man charges an electric vehicle at EV charging station.

The Electrification of Everything

The "electrification of everything" is happening everywhere people and cargo are in motion – on the factory floor, in the air and smart cities, and on the roads, rails, and sea. At TE, we are working on the front lines to solve the connectivity challenges of this transformation and enable the electric future.

Learn how TE is advancing electrification in the vehicles and machinery people use everyday
Engineers collaborating on technology system.

Connecting Our World: The TE Corporate Responsibility Report

Automotive engineers working on EV battery connection system in the research laboratory.

Feature article on TE innovation: "'Humble and hidden' auto suppliers driving the EV revolution"

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