Automotive engineers in the research laboratory.

Power Up for E-Mobility – TE's Engineering Challenge for Startups and Innovators

CTO Podcast

Our CTO for Industrial discusses the impact of using cobots in factory production and how industrial robotics can optimize production across the factory floor.


The Role of Cobots in Enabling Factory Automation

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Step inside the ARCH garage to see how they hand assemble motorcycles for a one-of-a-kind riding experience.

Step inside the ARCH garage to see how they hand assemble motorcycles for a one-of-a-kind riding experience.

TE Connectivity empowers engineers by designing and manufacturing sensor and connectivity solutions for a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected world. As the go-to engineering partner for today's innovation leaders and technology entrepreneurs, we are helping solve tomorrow's toughest challenges. Our electrical and electronic products are engineered to reliably connect and protect the flow of data, power, and signal – in electric vehicles and aircraft, digital factories and smart homes, and life-saving medical devices, efficient utility networks, and the global communications infrastructure. As a global electronics company with 80 years of experience in developing innovative solutions for complex industrial technology applications used in harsh environments, our broad and diverse team of industry experts includes electrical and mechanical engineers who focus on designing electronic components and electrical components manufactured for reliability, safety, and sustainability, offering technological solutions that help empower the potential of people to drive innovation in the technologies transforming how people live, work, and connect.

Man looks at cell phone with connected city in background.

High Speed Connectivity for IoT

Next-generation networks such as 5G cellular and WiFi 6+ are enabling a new era for the Internet of Things (IoT). With higher speeds and greater data capacities, these ultra-fast, more powerful and reliable wireless networks that can support millions more connected devices for increased connectivity in smart cities, automated factories, and self-driving cars.

Learn how TE is helping create a complete IoT ecosystem, with reliable high-speed data connectivity solutions.
Engineering team watches product videos on a laptop computer.

Watch engineering videos on industrial tech trends and product installation

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