Miniaturized Automotive Terminals and Connectors

Miniaturized Automotive Terminals and Connectors

Our miniaturized automotive connectors enable innovation throughout the vehicle with automotive-robust space saving solutions.

The number and complexity of electronically controlled vehicle functions are growing at a rapid pace which, in turn, creates need to save space. Automotive OEMs are increasingly becoming aware of the need to ensure that the sub-system modules they source are fitted with automotive-grade vibration resistant connectors.


TE Connectivity's (TE) NanoMQS and MCON 0.50 terminal and connector systems meet the most stringent OEM specifications while enabling space saving of up to 50%. In addition, TE has developed a fully-automated process that is suitable for series production and can also be used for semi-automated production.


Dimensions NanoMQS / MCON 0.50 Platforms  
Pin-to-Pin Pitch 1.8 mm
Wire Size 0.13 mm to 0.35 mm2
Blade Size 0.5 x 0.4 mm
Performance NanoMQS / MCON 0.50 Platforms  
Current Capacty 3A (90° C)
Maximum Temperature 170° C (Ag)
Vibration Resistence SG4 (Ag)
LV214-Compliant Yes
Position Assurance Primary and secondary locking
  1. Miniaturized Automotive Connectivity (English)

Get to know our miniaturized connector systems and learn how we support smaller and lighter electronic components.


  • Engine Control Units
  • Engine Sensors
  • Body ECUs
  • Headlamp Modules
  • Power Management Systems
  • Battery Modules
  • Data Communication Modules
  • Navigation Systems
  • Luggage Door Systems
  • Front/ Rear Camera
  • Airbag Systems
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Introducing the new OCEAN 2.0 Applicator from TE Connectivity. Watch this informative video to learn how TE has redesigned their popular OCEAN applicator series to be more reliable, faster to install and easier to use.

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