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From panel to inverter, substation and energy storage

Every connection counts

The demand for solar power continues to grow. And so does your need for more robust systems that deliver increased power and efficiency. We’re ready with cost-effective and reliable connections that are durable even in harsh environment. Connections that can be installed quickly, easily and accurately. Safe connections that won’t overheat or be vulnerable to wildlife.

Efficiency and profitability that endure tough conditions

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One connectivity partner

From panel to inverter, substation and energy storage – we are one source for your multiple connectivity needs. With over 60 years of experience dedicated to the energy industry, we understand your situation and are ready to help you overcome even the toughest challenge.


You want cost-effective and reliable solar solutions that can be customized to your needs. We are here to support you. With innovative plug-and-play solutions and dedicated solar engineering consultancy, we’ll show you why TE Connectivity equals more. We can support you no matter the architecture you select: trunk bus design, conventional, or floating.

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We provide upfront engineering advice – including cable management recommendations – that can maximize the efficiency of your whole system.


Collaborate with our engineering team to create customized solutions that are designed to be efficient. 


Our solutions are type tested in our labs to help you streamline commissioning, reduce approval time and preventative maintenance requirements.


We can help you increase installation accuracy by delivering tailored on-site installation training and competency assessment for your installers and supervisors.

Portfolio Highlights

Our relentless dedication to materials science means our solar products are designed to last. They are built to withstand submersion leakage tests, temperature variations, UV exposure, moisture and mechanical conditions. Our DC connectors are built for flame retardancy, are robust and resist animal intrusion. They are listed to UL, cUL and IEC standards while our AC solutions comply with the IEEE, ANSI, IEC, GB applicable standards.

DC Connections

Our SOLARLOK photovoltaic connectors are designed for easy, quick and reliable DC connections. With a precision-engineered design, they help achieve the lowest contact resistance to reduce power losses.

Customizable Trunk Solutions

Reduce overall labor, operational and maintenance costs with our Customizable Trunk Solution. Designed to eliminate combiner boxes and provide plug-and-play flexibility, whether installed underground or above.

Connection & Mounting Solutions

Our range of lugs and sleeves, dual rated or bimetallic, accommodate aluminum and copper conductors with no torque maintenance required.

Switchgear & Transformer Solutions

Our Raychem separable connectors, and our heat shrink and cold shrink terminations are easy to install, compact and adaptable to most cable types to reduce your installation time and costs.

Onshore Grid Connections

To connect your grid, choose from our complete range of industry-leading Raychem heat and cold shrink joints for 1-core to 3-core cables, and junction boxes to separately branch-off joints or cable junctions.

Grounding Solutions

Our ground rods and AMP or SIMEL connectors – exothermic welded, compression and bolted – are resistant to corrosion and help eliminate grounding failures to ensure your solar farm safety and operation.