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September 21, 2017

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TE SubCom to Participate on Multiple Panels at Submarine Networks World 2017

Company Experts to Speak and Meet with Peers in Singapore at Twentieth Anniversary Gathering for Top Decision-Makers in Subsea Communications

EATONTOWN, N.J., Sept. 20, 2017 – TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology, has announced they will attend and speak on multiple panels at the 20th anniversary of Submarine Networks World (SubNets World 2017), which is being held September 25-27 at the SuntecSingapore Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore. TE SubCom is a sponsor of the event.


Considered one of the premiere opportunities for members of the undersea communications industry to meet and exchange information, SubNets 2017 will be an opportunity for attendees to interact with SubCom’s experts, industry peers, as well as decision-makers from around the world and enable them to see first-hand the company’s dedication to meeting evolving customer needs through its commitment to innovation, and investment in future products. At this year’s event, several members of the SubCom team will speak during panel discussions on a variety of issues important to attendees, including the future of the industry and changing business models.


In addition to moderating discussions, SubCom has a dedicated meeting space on the show floor to facilitate an exchange of ideas with other participants. SubCom’s meeting space on the main floor can be found at MR8. Please contact info@SubCom.com or reach out to your TE SubCom representative to arrange a meeting.


“SubNets World is something we look forward to every year. Our speakers are part of interesting and timely panels and having our own space on the floor gives us the chance to host even more meetings and conversations than we have in the past. The theme of the conference is “Breaking Boundaries” and that dovetails perfectly with our team’s approach,” said Michael Rieger, vice president, sales and business development.


Details regarding TE SubCom’s panel participants are as follows:


September 26, Day 1


Keynote Panel: Cables for a changing tomorrow

  • Relooking at business models – how effective is the traditional consortium model in today’s business climate?
    • Private vs consortium pros and cons: will we see a new business model emerging?
    • Who will build the next generation of cables? What will this mean for carriers
    • Which routes/regions can we expect a boom in new builds and growth in bandwidth consumption?
  • Addressing the changing face of the market
    • What do today’s customers want from cable operators/owners? How are we trying to meet their expectations?
    • How does that affect what operators and owners want from their suppliers?
  • Planning for tomorrow
    • How can we best plan to mitigate the risk imposed by permitting delays or capacity shortfalls?



· Elaine Stafford, Managing Partner, DRG Undersea Consulting

· Michael Rieger, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, TE SubCom

· Dr Steve Grubb, Global Optical Architect, Facebook

· Russ Matulich, Chief Executive Officer, RTI

· Paul Gabla, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Alcatel Submarine Networks

· Donald (Yijun) Tan, Executive Vice President, Global Network, China Telecom Global

· Mike Constable, Chief Executive Officer, Huawei Marine Networks



Closing Panel: Evaluating the business of an “Open Network”

·   The definition of “open” – is there an industry standard that we can agree on?

·   To open or not open: assessing the pros and cons of adopting an open cable system

·   Are open systems for everyone? Will there be cases where it’s not feasible and/or necessary? What will those be?

·   Commercial considerations in opting for the open network model

·   What are the foreseeable business opportunities with the adoption of open submarine networks? What are the implications when combined with a more advanced terrestrial network?

·   Consortium vs private cable management of open networks: how will this differ and what would be the challenges that each party would face?

·   How can operators best manage vendor responsibility with multiple vendors on one network; what can vendors do to help?



· Tony Mosley, Director Business Development, Ocean Specialists Inc.

· Pierre Tremblay, Technical Programme Manager, Facebook

· Bob Hadaway, Vice President, Product Line Management, Ciena Ltd

· Arlene Mae Jallorina, Vice President, Sourcing and Int'l Facilities Investments, Enterprise Group, Globe Telecom

· Qian Zhong, Managing Director, TE SubCom

· Tony Frisch, Chief Technical Officer, Xtera

· Carl Osborne, Associate Vice President, International Network Development, Tata Communications


September 27, Day 2


Panel: Relooking at maintenance models to achieve greater efficacy

  • Current challenges facing today’s maintenance market for submarine cables
    • Investment into fleet renewal – how sustainable are the existing methods of fleet renewal?  Can this be improved, and how?
  • Assessing the potential for greater inter-industry maintenance models
    • Lessons from changes in ACMA
    • How applicable is this across other regions?
    • What are the technical and commercial limitations of this collaboration?
  • The way forward: how can the industry better address the issues facing the maintenance market today?
    • Are there alternative models that can be considered?
    • How will the way new systems are being designed (e.g. mesh networks with greater resiliency) change or open new ways of looking at this issue?



· Nigel Bayliff, Chief Executive Officer, Aqua Comms Ltd

· Michel Vergnes, Executive Vice President, Orange Marine

· Thomas Soerensen, Managing Director, Oceania and Global Maintenance Strategy, TE SubCom

· Andy Palmer-Felgate, Submarine Cable Engineer, Facebook

· Alasdair Wilkie, Chief Technology Officer, Deep Blue Cable

About TE SubCom

TE SubCom (SubCom), a TE Connectivity Ltd. company, is an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology and marine services, and a leading global supplier for today’s undersea communications requirements. As a vertically integrated supplier, SubCom designs, manufactures, deploys, and maintains the industry’s most reliable fiber optic cable systems. Its solutions include long-haul and regional systems, repeaterless networks, capacity upgrades, offshore oil and gas, and scientific research applications. SubCom brings end-to-end network knowledge and global experience to support on-time delivery and the needs of customers worldwide. To date, the company has deployed more than 100 cable systems and enough subsea communication cable to circle the globe 15 times at the equator. For more information, visit www.SubCom.com

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